All alone on Island?

(Andrew Putney) #1

Did my first ride on the Island last night! I was really impressed however, I was all alone on the Island. At the final prompt before starting the game I noticed there was others using the program at the same time but I didn’t see anyone the entire hour I road. I was also expecting to see some of the bots mentioned in the welcome email but I didn’t see one. Is there anything I need to do to enable this feature?

(Eric Min) #2

Sounds like you lost connection to the network. Your log file will confirm this.

(Andrew Putney) #3

Ok, are you investigating the log file or do you need me to send something?

(Eric Min) #4

“Submit a request” on this page and attached the log file from your computer. You need to select the log file that was created during your ride/day. You can find the log file in \document\zwift\logfiles – something close to that.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #5

@Eric is correct in that it appears, at first glance, that you lost connection at some point. Though some people have been having issues related to proxy servers and firewalls as well.

Please grab the log files from Documents\Zwift\Logs and send them to us either via the link up top near your name or via e-mail to support -at-


(Kevin Brandt) #6

Same issue. Log files sent. If you get an answer to your issue can you post it? Mine seems connection related.