AI still on anabolics?

Just wondering if the latest update addressed the anabolic EPO AI riders… one pulled up a 6.7 orange jersey and promptly dethroned me from the polka dot jersey with a 32 second onslaught… <insert me bowing to this rider>

I haven’t seen any crazy times for 4-5 days now. You’re saying you saw a 32 second KOM time today?

Yes I was dethroned with a 32, and the orange jersey was taken with a 6.7 … at around 12PM Central time/.

I saw some insurmountable times from AI riders today. KOM in low 30s, At one point, Green Jersey was sub 2-second.

I also saw a real life rider do a 15 second orange jersey last nite and get credited with a 15 second KOM and steal my KOM jersey!