Ai segment times are super fast!

(Chris Jones) #1

Rode by myself tonight and the Ai riders must have found some serious EPO or something because they were destroying segments like mad men! 4 second, 11 second, 14 second KOM times, 10-11 second green sprint times, the orange sprint was close to the fastest sprint times on Strava.


(Jon Mayfield) #2

We noticed the same thing last night, somebody must have accidentally cranked them up to 11! We’ll look into it soon, it’s not as fun if nobody can win the jerseys.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #3

Pretty sure I saw an AI rider with an IV bag on his arm…23sec KOM on Col d’Zwift.

(Tony Hocking ZHR) #4

They are getting a lot of miles in though - perhaps it’s just focused training rather than any other kind of assistance?

I saw that AI’s held all Jerseys this morning - AI 2111 took the orange Jersey in 5.37 seconds, and his team mate (the climbing specialist AI 9464) clocked up an impressive 1.85 second KOM. Don’t see that record falling anytime soon…

(Chris Ashley B) #5

Phew… glad Im not the only one that saw this… 24 second climb today for some AI bot!! Ive done a 58 and was thinking hey not too bad… clearly I now suck! LOL

(Alan Hamilton - MRC) #6

I also saw this problem with an AI that had a KOM time of 8 secs. But what was more concerning was that a real rider had a KOM time of 42 secs! That’s some serious wattage…

(Chris Ashley B) #7

42!?! That’s insane… I did see something weird yesterday when someone logged on… there watts/kg went up to 19.8 or something when they came on… it made me start wondering if there was some goofy stuff happening somewhere… that person kept logging on and off…