Extreme AI doping

(W ish I was Outside) #1

I was riding last night and noticed that the Green Jersey sprint was taken by an AI with a time of 0.17 seconds. Zero point one seven. I think he must have been in an extremely fast jet fighter because that’s over 2000km/h. :slight_smile:

(Chuck Kozlowski ZSUNR) #2

The AIs are known blood dopers, they are an awesome demotivational tool whenever the Green/Orange Jersey is grabbed by a human rider.

(Chris Jones) #3

Yeah this has been happening for a few weeks now. Combined with human riders freaking out and getting 1-10 sec KOM’s and 3 sec sprints, the jerseys arent fun anymore. I know Zwift was working on it but it might be lower on the fix it list?

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #4

They way the AI’s have been juiced lately now we all know how the clean riders must have felt during the doping era…