AI's were a bit too strong today

Something is wrong with the AI guys when I get 4th for Strava banner with 3 AI guys ahead of me. They seemed to be dominating the top of the leader board for all three awards. Not always the top spot but a lot of the top 10.

Eric, if you wouldn’t mind could you take a screenshot next time you see this? The F10 key or “snapshot” from the mobile app will save a jpg file to your Pictures/Zwift folder.

I’ve been watching the leaderboards today and it’s dominated by humans as far as we can see. Ted King has the best time of the day on the KOM.

F10 is a good one to know. I never saw Ted King, unfortunately. That’d have been a fun wheel to try and grab for a few seconds. Rode from about 10:30am to 12:30pm, Pacific time. The times weren’t crazy fast like a few weeks ago but if memory serves me, there was a low 9 second something and multiple 10 something’s by AI’s for the sprint point. So doable by real people but not by most. The thing that stood out was that they were the top several riders for a couple laps. I don’t remember the specific numbers for the Strava banner but believe they were in the low to mid 7 minutes.