After the coffee break, the reconnection of the heart sensor prevents me from catching up with the group

When I leave the room during a coffee break in a group ride with my heart rate monitor, the sensor connection is lost, which is normal. The problem arises when I open the menu and try to reconnect the heart sensor upon returning, even though I am pedaling. The group is several seconds ahead of me, and I can no longer catch up with them. This problem did not occur in the past.

It’s always been the case that if you open the Pairing screen then you will rapidly come to a halt.

Are you using BlueTooth ?
It’s a pain, I switched back to ANT+ for my HRM as it just reconnects without any bother !

I keep everything else on BlueTooth

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Ha! Another reason to use an arm band rather than a chest strap. :smile:

Just pull it off and hang it over the hoods when nature calls. :sunglasses:

Good idea, but the chest strap is more accurate

Thx I will try it the next time :+1:

Pls explain how and by how much it’s more accurate and why those differences matter. :wink:

Interesting. Nothing about differences in accuracy though. None of the armband cons apply for me. ymmv

Cons of armband optical hrm

  • Not necessarily accurate in sports where you move your hands vigorously or flex the muscles and tendons near the sensor.
  • Limited ability to accurately measure heart rate through dark or tattooed skin.
  • More likely to be worn incorrectly than a heart rate sensor with a chest strap.

Cons of Chest hrm

  • Have to remember to carry the strap with you and wear it in addition to the wrist unit.
  • Some experience it uncomfortable around the chest.
  • Requires regular washing to keep the textile strap functional (washing also gradually wears it down, so you’ll need to replace it with a new one at some point).

Exactly. When I ran both together the lag on the arm strap compared to the chest strap was about 10 seconds, and the difference between them was a couple of BPM at most.