Aero PU now reduced?

(Johnathan) #1

Just heard the rumor that the Aero PU has been reduced in duration. Is there any truth behind this?


(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #2

Wow that is news. Now I wonder what else has changed?

(Johnathan) #3

No idea, I’m sure we will randomly find out as we try to do something that we used to be able to do or will find something new on accident. image

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(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #4

What if they changed the draft formula to see if we notice. LOL

I must give them credit for getting the update out in time for the Giro, they could not miss that date. I imagine a lot of long nights in the office.

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(Lin) #5

I always thought 30s for the aero power up was nice, but too long/powerful.

Zwift publishes a brief change-log in the “What’s New” section of this forum. However, it is not published for each release/update. It is May 2019 and how many updates have we had this year? Yet, not a single “What’s New” entry.

If you check the App store (i.e., iOS, tvOS), it’s the same for each update, “Bug fixes and enhancements” or “Minor enhancements and bug fixes”. Zwift is not the only app developer that does this. But, this is so lazy!

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