Zwift Community Live Test Labs race #6

Official Feedback thread for Zwift Community Live Test Labs race #6

Let us know what you thought of the race and changes made this week to the pack dynamics & power ups!


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This was interesting to see the same Power Ups on each banner. My question: Did they all get the same Power Up in the pen, I will have to rewatch but it seemed that they had power ups early in the race.

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Just repeating here what I said on FB:

Zwift could add more PU-specific arches. They could be turned on or off for different races, at different intervals. They have the tech mostly there already I expect (e.g. workout segment arches just magically appear).

So you could ride any course with a PU every 2km or 5 minutes for example. They could even be specifically placed by race organisers. No need to ride Watopia original just because it has more arches.

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This has been the best race ,the most interesting to watch and the more rewarding however i feel that there werent enough draft the powerups are a way to test the handling like in real life like you said good job guys you are changing the indoor racing . by the way how many races are there going to be ? and i thing i would like to see is like a triple draft but with slower peloton speed and rewarding attacks. This way people could save more energy to attack it just a recommendation

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I was wondering same thing actually…hard to tell as they did pass under a banner when leaving the pens.

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I liked this race too! I think the draft mechanics feel about right. I also liked the whole "everyone gets the same PU format. It got me thinking, which is dangerous… what if…

  1. everyone got to choose a PU in the pens
  2. in a race there would be 4-8 PU opportunities. At least 3 a lap.
  3. You know which PU you will be getting most of the time, but once or twice a race there would be a random PU.
  4. Yes, you could choose to spend or keep your PU for as long as you wanted. [holding on to that original areo is a tactical choice in and of itself] But with more PU, chances are that doing so wont be very smart tactically.
  5. Which PU show up and when could be a race by race thing, but riders should know before-hand so that they can stratigize … or maybe not … or maybe both / and.
  6. What about lessor and greator PUs (areo that lasts 45 seconds vs a wimpy 10 seconder)?
  7. What about the ability to bank 2-3 PUs at a go? And then use them all at once if you manage to bank enough. Actually, I think that the ability to bank will make for more races that are attacky as riders or teams will try to make it so that riders are forced to use their PUs just to stay on.

Look, I don’t know about any of these ideas, but I am all for races that have more “gamification”. Zwift is its own cycling discipline just like Road is its own and CC is its own.


This is a great suggestion Francisco! We do not have a set amount of races. There may be breaks in the schedule to reassess and then get back in labs. Just like public test realms in other games, I don’t see it as something with a time line and more a part of any games development.

Again, thanks for the feedback!