Zwift Community Test Labs Race #4

Official Feedback thread for Zwift Community Live Test Labs race #4


This week description from Livestream

This week we move to the new expansion course on Zwift’s SAND AND SEQUOIAS!

With extended flats and sequenced sharp climbs, this course should provide an opportunity for the punchers and the rouleurs to have their time in the limelight! The tweaks this week are something new but very subtle, definitely worth testing out on the pack with all the tactics you can throw at it!

Also, it is not just about racing, watch out for new broadcast features too!

Again, all of the participation has been amazing! We are implementing with community testing and feedback with the long game in mind week by week.

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Three observations from me for this weeks event.

First this was a nice course, damn hard work but good fun. The boosting up the rollers technique (which I think I heard you mention on the broadcast) is especially useful.

Second it felt to me like it was ‘easier’ to drop off the back of a group. When sitting at a distance that felt like it shouldn’t be too hard to reattach I found myself having to really try to jump back on.

Third having the A&B in the same pen worked well for me. The legs were a bit tired and I lost the lead pack on the first pass through titans grove. With the Bs also on course at the same time meant that I could drop back into a group rather than being faced with a painful TT to the end.

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