Advice to an overly honest person...

(Dan Crow) #1

While trying to fix a knocking on my bike during an FTP workout ride, I removed the resistance from my trainer and spun the wheel a few times.  All of a sudden *zoom*, I see an unlocked achievement for pushing 500watts pop up on my screen!


Is there any way to 'un’achieve this until I can do it fair and square?



(Todd Taylor) #2

Hehe… I got an achievement for 700 watts yesterday during my ride and I’m pretty sure I never hit that number (or even half that number) :open_mouth:

(DB Smith (65+)) #3

I can top both of those:

Trying to hold 450 watts for a minute in a workout beta yesterday, the program “awarded” me 700, 800 and 1200 watts Achievements!

Sadly, neither the Wahoo fitness app nor the Zwift upload to Strava confirmed my new-found super powers.

Riding a new Kickr; interested to know where the error originated – from the Kickr or from Zwift?

(surly singlespeed) #4

Happened to me with my SRM over Ant+.

Just go and lay down some matching watts.


Things that helped me were: USB extension, Turn off Garmin and use iPhone.

Now I actually use a Wahoo Kickr and it seems to communicate much better over BLE vs Ant+