Advantage of cadence sensir?

I’m a seasoned cyclist but just signed up on Zwift. I’m fairly intune with my cadence on the open road and on a trainer. Is there any other benefit to using a cadence sensor in Zwift other than to gage your RPMs? Does it help to track your speed or watts any better? I’m running a Wahoo Kickr Snap.

Nope. Only useful if you track you cadence or do cadence specific training. Nothing to do with Watts.


There are some races that require it, not that it helps prevent cheating. Other than that, it’s only relevant for cadence-specific workouts

Thank you.

Thanks for your help.

helps spot cheats nothing can prevent them :smiley:

Easy to fake, even with a bot, so it’s an unnecessary hurdle to put in the way of racers. The same for HRMs.

everything can be faked but I don’t think that is good reason to say it’s unnecessary. The more data the better gives the best view on whether a rider is legit or not.

That or we might as well argue that we don’t need to see any data including power and just accept that the winner is the winner and they can really hold 6 w/kg for hours.

I agree for beginners that not every race series should require it but for any organisers wanting to run a serious race series HRM and Cadence is good to have.

Strongly disagree. Both cadence and HRM have so many myths attached that people accuse others of cheating because of their ignorance. Cue the idiotic “rider’s max HR was only 120bpm, they must be cheating” nonsense.

As for cadence, (a) it proves nothing and (b) you still have no idea whether the rider is a bot or not. So why have it as a requirement? To make people buy yet another piece of kit? To make their event “hardcore” because they have so many hurdles?

All it does is give the false impression - which you’ve reinforced - that any organiser who doesn’t follow the sheep and fall for the con is somehow “not serious”.


Everything has myths why even show power if that is your argument we also might as well allow zpower trainers. A £20 cadence meter is not much of hurdle compared to what many spend on cycling equipment.

I do agree that ignorance is part of the problem and a lot get accused of things but HRM will show patterns and cadence is the only way to see other forms of cheating.

Suppose it comes down to do you want to try making racing more legitimate or happy to just allow cheats a free pass to continue. I certainly don’t like the idea of the latter and would encourage steps to legitimise the sport rather just saying cheating is fine as long as you are having fun.

see Anti sandbagging and other areas that need development and communication - #2906 by Daren as an example of how strongly the race community feels about cheating on zwift.

Ok let’s not get to worked up about this. .

Relax a bit. Please.


And there you again perpetrating the myth that not requiring cadence and HRM is giving cheats a free ride. Absolute rubbish.

And as for attempting to equate power measurement with something as irrelevant as cadence and HR… well, there’s not much point bothering to argue it if you really believe that nonsense

He’s essentially ridiculing many organisers and calling a cheat anyone on zPower, without cadence meters, or without HRMs. Same rubbish we see on Zwift FB groups

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I’ve not ridiculed or called anyone a cheat

I was just pointing out that HRM and cadence can be used to identify if a rider is legitimate.
It’s not a case of believing that nonsense as you put it. I know of recent examples where riders have been identified of cheating based off HRM and cadence data.

Why do you think UCI Esports rules enforce HRM and cadence?

Rule 2.2

I’d hate to see it enforced for all Zwift racing as there needs to be a place for new riders with more basic setups but for those organisers that are trying to promote legitimate race series I welcome the inclusion of HRM and cadence requirements.

Anyway I’ll leave it at that as you clearly disagree so not worth discussing further.