Adidas C21x

Hey there,

I just got an Adidas C21x with Bluetooth. Set it up with Zwift but the Wattage output seems incredibly low. It’s a struggle to cycle over 50 watts for over a few minutes which I would usually find incredibly easy.

Is there anything I may need to do with the set up (it doesn’t give me a calibrate option) to actually make this number accurate?

What I also found weird is I cycled 5km yesterday to test and even the calorie output was just 50cals so there’s definitely something not quite right here.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

This sounds like a problem with the bike. Zwift basically trusts whatever power number the bike sends it. You could try testing it with some other app and see if you get the same result. You may need to discuss it with the dealer or manufacturer.

And me Lucinda - very frustrating, I was pedalling hell for leather and against the max resistance and Zwift only recognised me to be moving at around 50WATTS too.

Certainly an Adidas issue! Very disappointing.

I’m glad it’s not just me. I’ve reached out to their tech support, did you manage to get an answer about the issue from anyone? I want to return mine if it’s not going to work. So gutted!

Yeah it’s the same with Kinomaps as well. Definitely an adidas issue, I wonder what they’ll come back to me with as all their advertising says it works with Zwift / Kinomaps / peloton. Very bad move on their part!

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And me, just set up the bike to zwift to use for the 1st time and struggled to even keep 50kw, most of the stats were the same on the disply of the bike to zwift exept for speed was half of what the bike was reporting and half the distance.
Very frustrating to see runners going past you.
Adidias/swift need to resolve this issue especially seeing as it’s advertised as being zwift conpatible.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are no good inexpensive smart bikes. (And I realize this bike is not exactly “inexpensive” but it’s less than 1/2 the price of a good smart bike.) The only ones worth having are from Wahoo, Tacx, Wattbike, and Stages. I wouldn’t buy Stages these days since their support went down the drain. The others are all terribly inaccurate, unreliable, or both.

Have you had a reply from Adidas yet? Ive not had one.

No, I’ve chased them today on it. But in the meantime I’ve contacted where I bought it from to ask if I can return it. So fingers crossed as I’m heavily out of pocket otherwise.

Sweatband where I purchased my bike from have intervened and got a reply from Adidias for me.

Good morning

This is an issue we are aware of and are striving to resolve. It seems to be an issue because the bike has a manual resistance system.

Please bear with us. We are working on a fix.

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I got the exact same reply, sent mine back for a refund today! Luckily Sweatband were happy to refund me for it.

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Did they arrange collection? And was it for free?
Did they collect it still assembeld?

I have an update regarding the issue you are experiencing. The adidas C21x bike does not transmit Watts to Zwift because it is a manual resistance bike. However, please note that all other features on Zwift will function properly. This is not a fault specific to the C21x bike, but rather a common limitation with all manual resistance bikes.

I have the same issue, and yes, it is manually. But then i do not understand why they do advertise it with Kinomap/Zwift Bluetooth compatibility when there is no sense for that. For what Bluetooth?

Kinomap for example says it is „interactive“ … unfortunately it is not! Both apps should provide a gaming-mode which fits to the bike.
And Adidas should not advertise it like they do.

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But surely the watts output is the most important stat to make it function correctly with Zwift and the other apps in order to get the correct cycling experience.
It should not be advertised as being compatible if its not fully compatible.