Add "Terrain" mode option to workouts (especially great for Kickr Climb)

Currently, workouts done on smart trainers can be done in ERG or Incline mode (when ERG is off). I think “Terrain” should be a third option. The smart trainer resistance would follow the terrain like it does during a normal free ride, but with the same power target displayed in Incline and ERG mode. This would essentially replicate doing a structurd workout outdoors, but with the benefit of target power guidence. Just like I do when outdoors, I’d likely position myself at the bottom of a climb before hard intervals, turning around when done, and using the workout pause button if needed to get to where I want to be before the next interval. Why? Two reasons. It breaks up the monotony of a workout with the need to occassionally shift gears throughout the interval and after, just like a real outdoor ridie. Scondly, it would allow those of us using the Kickr Climb to receive gradiant data on our Climb wherein in it would actually function during workouts, and thus give us the benefits of our Climb. Those benefits include broader muscular developement from varying slopes/angles, less chance of injury to sit bones and joints from constant movement, and less mental tedium (it’s just more fun!).

I like this idea. I have always had an issue with climbing in erg mode. There is no resistance for the hill, yet you receive the elevation climbed. This seems like you can do workout mode up and down Alpe du Zwift until tyou achieve the tron bike, but never really did any climbing!


Must do feature…

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Like the idea

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This has been requested a few times. so pleas vote for the other posts as well.

You can try the option in the link below.