Ability to mix ERG & gradiant in workout creator

The ability to tell the trainer to turn ERG mode off and use a gradient in workout segments in Workout Creator would be awesome so that we can create better workouts that mix both trainer and user controlled loads.

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I couldn’t agree more. This is really a missing feature! Any updates on this request?

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Yes, I would really like this.  I notice in the .zwo under FreeRide, there’s a field FlatRoad=“1”; it would be nice if this could be adjusted to 1.07 for a 7% grade; as it is now adjusting reverts to default 1 (I’ll save anyone the time to try).  I would like to think that’s a promising sign that it could be in the works, or thought of; I otherwise don’t see why variable FlatRoad=“1” would exist.  
I imagine it would work as: in workout creation, add free ride then “grade” would be where “power” would normally be, default 1 for flat, drag block up/down to adjust grade, or enter grade value number, then duration field would be either duration or distance, ie.  ride at 7% grade for 6 minutes, or ride at 7% grade for 2km.  I think that’s a key difference from a typical Erg power entry.

I think there is still a place for FreeRide where it just undulates for the terrain. But another category of segment with the adjustments you stated would be fantastic.

Z1-Z6, Intervals, FreeRide, Gradient (Set duration and slope ie 10 minutes at 1.5%).

Second this idea from Christian, that would be a great next step.

Any news on this? Is it possible to create workouts based on gradient/trainer resistance, not power?

Sorry if this has been solved already (new to Zwift)