Can I make a workout more interesting?

I enjoy Zwift for workouts and for ‘just’ riding. I would like to combine them.

I would like to create a workout that had blocks where power is controlled by the workout plan and some blocks where the resistance is contriled by the route Im riding. for example to a steady 80% for ten minutes followed by 10 minutes of whatrever terrain Im on follwed by 10 minutes 80 per cent.

A ‘free ride’ block in the workout maker just means that the rider controls the power output but is not terrain dependent.

I hope this question makes sense.


Yes, I think you can do it with by editing the Zwift workout file (*.zwo) and using FlatRoad=“0”

I saw it somewhere. I’m sure if you search the forum and/or Google the internet, you will find what you need.

GPLama talks about the FlatRoad hack here:

I am pretty sure that there is one in the Gran Fondo training plan where the terrain takes over for a certain amount of time. Not sure if I am mis-remembering. I would like to see that feature if I am.