Workout mode without ERG or Ramp

I would like to see a third option of workout mode that simply shows your target power allowing the rider to moderate their own power over Zwift’s terrain. A good option for riders wishing to fine tune their power control for training outside.
Many thanks,

I think what you want is a big free ride block workout. then you can control power with the ± or the incline button.

Free ride is the same as ramp with a flat feel. What I want to simulate is real world road undulations and controlling your power the same as you would on an outside ride. I do this already by running my Garmin along side in workout mode showing target power and time for each block.

You can manually change a zwo file to work using the terrain or using your manual choice of gears by editing the Flatroad part of the xml (zwo) file:

Thanks but that is not offering what I would consider a seamless option and my workouts upload from TP so the training files are not originally a zwo file…