Road Simulation in Workout Mode

Good morning Zwift team,

Has there been any discussion to enable workout mode to run overlayed on top of road simulation? Currently, when workout mode is entered a user can either use ERG mode or use their personal power meter which in turn turns the trainer essentially into a “dumb”’ trainer where you have to manual adjust resistance.

I think it would be a great option to allow riders to use workout mode in conjunction with their smart trainer still responding to the terrain on Zwift. It makes for a realistic experience while still having your interval targets on screen.

Thanks for your time and all you do for us!

I don’t think that is very practical. I’m thinking what will happen if you are on a downhill but need to produce 300W that would be impossible. Same with going uphill how do you keep at 100rpm and only 120W while climbing a hill.

300w downhill is very possible. It forces the rider to use their gears and pedal at a high RPM.

Your second scenario is not realistic. Obviously if you want to do that type of work ERG mode is the way to go, but outdoors on a real climb there’s no way to pedal at 100rpm and stay at such a low power without falling over.

The point of my suggestion is to simulate doing a workout as if you were outdoors. If you’re in the middle of an interval and hit a slight downhill, do you just stop the interval? No, you shift or increase your cadence to keep your power up.

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Thanks Jason!

Yes please! Great addition just like riding on the road, but with HUD instead of vinyl tape with workout in shorthand on your stem :slight_smile:

I currently try to get this same effect by riding with a workout programmed into my Garmin head unit, and riding Zwift in “Just Ride” mode. It makes Zwift closer to riding my workouts outside - you get the feel of the terrain, but with power intervals.

It would be such a better experience if the Zwift workout mode motivation and HUD were available! :slight_smile:

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