Climbing during the workouts

Hello everyone.
I am new to the zwift and having trouble with the workouts.
When I want to do a workout I no longer feel the up or down hills at all and it feels like I am riding a perfectly flat rode. I do my workouts with ERG mode turned off so that shouldn’t be the issue. Is there anyone else having a aimilar issue?

Hi @Maziar_Dadbin

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Even with ERG off Zwift will not stimulate the terrain. Only in free ride and races and group rides.

There is a way to modify the workouts to simulate the terrain.

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Thanks for your response.
Can you explain how I can simulate the terrain during workouts? Thanks.

See this thread. Add "Terrain" mode option to workouts (especially great for Kickr Climb) - #4 by Sukin_Sin

Also this one