Add running as an activity option

(N. R Elite Direto) #1

Quadruple membership overnight by adding running as an option!

I’d buy 2 memberships and one for my wife if i could link my same devices (garmin heart rate monitor and foot pod through forerunner 310xt) to the app. 


(Patrik Adolfsson) #2

I’d love that!

(Kurt flattire Fossen) #3

Yes! I see this as an “easy” next step for Zwift. Running paths and runners on the side of the roads. Ant+ foot pod would be the only thing to add support for. Maybe a shortcut for the game developers would be to just make it first person view, and not add characters (my brother in law is a 3D character modeler, so I appreciate the time that takes!). Have a separate game interface for the runners, and just let them run on the current routes, unknown to any cyclists.