Add power calibration in apple tv with Android companion app

When cycling zwift on apple tv there is no spindown or calibrate power option in the pair devices screen.

what trainer do you use?

Bushido Smart,
oddly, I had no issues connecting cadence,power,heartrate, so more then 2 bluetooth datastreams! with apple tv, probably the bushido sents data combined. But sadley I see no config/tool next to power device to calibrate. Not in compangnion app and not in apple tv Zwift - connect devices

If your Bushido have a calibrate app then rather use that. You don’t have to calibrate in Zwift if you do it in the trainer app.


But then I have to stop zwift on apple tv, because I cannot connect to both apple tv Zwift & Tacx Utilty to calibrate. I’d rather do it in game, after 10 minutes warming up the mechanics.