Add fiddle or tinker option similar to coffee break

The awesome new feature for “Coffee break” gave me an idea: You’ve been there too… within the first 5 minutes of a ride you realize you left your bottle on the counter, or your quick release is coming loose, or your fan is unplugged … all you need is 60 seconds to adjust something but you don’t want to get dropped from the group you’re in. I think Zwift should add a Tinker or Fiddle button to give you 60 seconds to do something, but it goes away after 5 minutes into a ride. Thoughts?

This feature would be nice to have. I typically notice something is “off” within the first 5 minutes of a ride. It would nice to fix the “something is off” feeling without having to end the ride, fix the problem, and then restart the ride.

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the coffee break already gives you 30 seconds during the first 5 minutes… are you asking that to be extended to 60 seconds?

I’m looking forward to the teleport feature so that I can stop and swap bikes and take as long or as little time as I’d like and then teleport back to the group. I think that’ll be much more useful in the long term than the coffee break.

Does it? I wasn’t aware that was a thing. Not intuitive whatsoever if so, but I’ll take it.

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Just keep in mind that the 30 seconds is in the first 5 minutes after your avatar spawns, NOT from when the event starts. So, be sure you check everything out quickly.

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