Add feature to see upcoming events of team members in team menu

I think ZwiftPower is a great way to scroll through upcoming(/historical) events. I am missing an easy way to see upcoming(/historical) events of team members on ZwiftPower. If we consider team members as being “your better friends” compared to “following” on Zwift, it would be very nice to see upcoming(/historical) events of team members, e.g. from within the team page somewhere.

We love to Fan View each other, but it is becoming quite a hassle to align schedules and make sure everyone knows who is taking part in what race or TT when, etc, etc.

Thanks in advance for implementing this feature :slight_smile:

While not exactly the same there is this option somewhat within the companion app. Go to events, click filters and toggle “only zwifters I follow” (assuming you’ve added a fair amount of people on your team to friends within Zwift)

Thanks for the help. While it is similar, it’s far from ideal to see everyone you follow what he/she will be doing while for your ZwiftPower team it makes sense since you want to see what races/TTs/other events they are up to to potentially join or fan view. Even so having to navigate between your team’s ZwiftPower page and the companion app, then typing in the filters, etc, is the thing I want to avoid. ZwiftPower is really handy for overview of events and team, and I think, amongst others, this feature request would be valid.

There is already the “When we ride” tab in the team page, but this only shows past events if I understand it correctly. It is just a matter of adding a Future/Upcoming events paragraph to it. And the information is available, so I don’t think it is much asked and it would be very handy.

I agree. As with most things Zwift there is an option for what we would like but it’s not perfect and innovation/improvements have been glacially slow recently so it’s the best we have for now and the foreseeable future.