Add CORE body temperature to Zwift

It would be perfect to add a Core body temperature option to zwift. I like to monitor my body temperature when using zwift, but it has to be done through my garmin.

I would guess this is very niche, as it would require having a separate accessory. I would suggest you just continue to use your Garmin.


Also agree, adding the ability to connect CORE Body Temperature sensor would be ideal. When I do my heat training I do it indoors while riding Zwift. Currently, I do connect my CORE to my Wahoo or Garmin head unit but it would be way more convenient to have Zwift collect the CORE data in its fit file and give the option to display it on screen.


I agree, even more pros are using CORE and adding this metric would help them and us in assessing heat acclimation which is even more important with recent heat waves.