Add ability to set a minimum power

I.e., have a “you will be forced to maintain this wattage” setting.

I watch TV while I free ride or, more commonly, do a pace partner ride. So I’m not always looking at Zwift and I occasionally let my power drop a bit too much and I fall out of the blob. It’d be great to be able to set a minimum watts or W/kg so that I am forced to maintain at least the same effort as the pace partner. I’d be able to generate more power, e.g. on climbs, but wouldn’t be able to do less than the minimum I set.

(Or for extra credit, implement a 0 gradient minimum and have that minimum scale with current gradient being ridden. E.g. I’d set 200W and then if I’m riding up a 5% gradient it would scale to 240 or something, and if I’m on a -5% it’d scale down 160W).

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As alternative:

An Easy way is to create a workout and use ERG to keep you in the zone.

Op want’s to set a minimum but with unrestricted maximum, workout won’t do that.

I understand the request, that option is not possible right now.

So I suggested a option that would be close to what he needs.

You are in ‘Feature Requests’. Of course it’s not possible currently, otherwise the feature would not have to be requested…

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That’s why I proposed an alternative for now.

Feature requests can take months or years to implement.