Set a floor on power output while free riding or racing

I would like to be able to maintain a minimum power output during my free rides on Zwift, to not slip below, say, 2.5 w/kg. Ideally, I could output as much power as possible on climbs and sprints while not dipping below a minimum on the flats and descents or while drafting. Even better would be the ability to set a range of power for a ride. Could ERG mode be adjusted to allow this, or maybe ERG mode could kick in only when the preset minimum is breached?

You could create a free ride workout, and disable ERG then use the resistance (incline) button on the companion app to set your trainer resistance.
But seem like a lot of effort for something as simple as looking at you power number and keeping it above a certain level you can also look at the power graph at the bottom and keep it in a certain colour range,

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To add to Gerrie’s comments, you may want to play with the Trainer Difficulty slider in the settings, if you haven’t already. It sounds like you want to be able to feel the resistance of the climbs but you also don’t want to free wheel on the descents, so you may want to set your Trainer Difficulty to something less than 50%. Play with the slider to dial in the feel you want.

Me too… :sweat_smile:

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