Add a few KM remaining signs up Alpe D'Zwift

This is a LONG, hard climb for most of us.  The turn #'s are AWESOME.


What would be more awesome is some small signs telling us how many more miles to the top.  


This would really help us pace and know where we stand.


Since this climb starts with another climb that has nothing to do with Alpe D’huez, our miles # means nothing.



I think the numbered hairpins offer a reasonable guide in terms of progress.  The trouble is with a distance countdown it gives you false hope.  The climb is around 7.5 miles long which doesn’t sound that long but given the moving speed it’s hard to judge.  

For example when you see 1 mile left you would think great, I’m nearly there without fully appreciating how long it takes to travel a mile on a 10% gradient.  

I much prefer the map where I could see my progression between the hairpins.  

I agree the #’s help a LOT.  I’ve done the same course on Rouvy, and once you lose track of the turn, you have no idea where you are at.    The distance from turn 7 to 6 is a LONG way, same with I think from 4 to 3.  


For me, the issue is your miles counter means nothing since we aren’t starting at the bottom of Alp D’Huez, but 4.5 miles or so earlier. Same thing with the elevation counter.  Both of them don’t match the hill, so I can’t gauge how much further OR how much more climb there is left.  

I agree it’s slow going, but since the turns themselves are not evenly spaced, it only helps you know which turns you have hit, but not really how much further you have to climb distance OR elevation wise.