Achievement notification shown 97 times

Yesterday during my ride, after completing the first loop, I was presented the “You’ve unblocked Trek Emonda” achievement for the rest of the 25 minutes of my ride. I was presented this 97 times.

Activity: 1234840121568657440

Here’s where someone paid by Zwift should tell you* there’s a game update to address this issue, that you should apply as soon as possible. But I just did it for them.

*Perhaps via innovative means, such as social media, email or even some sort of mobile phone app that could serve as a ‘companion’ to the game. That would be nice.


Is your game updated to the latest version @JayantS ?

This was a (very well) known bug:

but Zwift are reporting it solved in the latest update?

Might be as simple as applying the update. If it continues even after that, zwift support do need to know I think since they believed it was fixed as far as I can tell

Thank you. Yes, applied the update earlier this week not seeing the issue anymore. I found the issue in the early Dec update. Will keep an eye out to see if I run into the bug again.


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