Another Route Achievement Error

Got another bug with Route Achievements, except this one actually worked in my favour, so I’m not going to complain about it! I’m only putting this here in case it gives one of the Zwift guys a clue as to why some events are or are not triggering correctly - maybe there’s some bug here that can be replicated to work out why?

On one of the scheduled Yorkshire days, I had set my course to the UCI Worlds lap, but apart from briefly spawning in behind the start line, I didn’t do any cycling as I had an event set to go to - 10 laps of the Queen’s Highway (sprint) course, so I clicked the button to join the pens.

After one full lap of the event, I got the Queen’s Highway achievement, but about five/six laps later, I had dropped off the back of the group with no chance to get back on, so came to a stop, quit the event and did a U-turn to head back to the main loop. Almost immediately, the screen flashed up a banner telling me I’d got the UCI Worlds achievement!

My only guess is that because I’d started in Yorkshire with that course selected, and it had seen that I’d done at least the distance of one lap, that I must have completed the course by now. Yet, I hadn’t actually gone through the main banner (only the sprint banner), so why it chose to award it to me then, I have no idea.