Account hacked?

For a few days on the account of my girlfriend there is a lot of activity.
But she didn’t train all week…
On my account I get a push notification that she started zwifting.
Yesterday we changed the password.
But today again the same thing.
The activity gets synced with Strava to.
And today we noticed that het name got changed…

Hello @tom_A-Bloc.be_8163, welcome to the forums. You should probably contact support, the majority of forum users are just regular Zwifters like you. We have no access to your, or your partners account.

I agree you should contact support about this but have you ever checked to see their activity on the companion app top see if they’re actually moving or just sat there?

If you click on “zwifting now” and then “Following” and then click on your girlfriends profile it’ll say Riding Now and then under that will have the mileage, time, watts and MPH in real time so you’ll be able to see if someone is actually riding or if it is just some weird bug.

Hi Tom @tom_A-Bloc.be_8163

As mentioned, this is definitely something you’ll want to reach out to our support team about.

Specifically, the owner of your account (e.g., your girlfriend) should be the one to contact Zwift support because since this is not your personal account, support will need to work with the account owner.

You (or your girlfriend rather) can reach our team here.