Accessing Ven-Top

OK I give in. I assume Ven-Top can only be accessed when the ‘France’ New Caledonian map is available and not all the time like AdZ? If Ven-Top is available all the time, no idea where it is. TIA

The Ven-Top route is only available to free-ride when the France guest-world is active.

Your alternatives are:

  1. Sign-up for and participate in an event that features Ven-Top as the route,
  2. Host a personal Meetup with Ven-Top as selected route, or
  3. Create a Club Group Ride Event with Ven-Top selected as the route.

Doing the latter two will let you ride it whenever you like.

Meetups require you to invite someone else (though they don’t need to show up) and a Club Group Ride can be solo, but you need to actually indicate you’re GOING after creating it. (because Club owners can create events they don’t plan to ride)

Aha! Thankyou!

Are you using Win PC or Mac?

Mac OS or Windows

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Do be warned, if you do it when France is not a top level option (for instance if you do it as a meet-up when a different set of cities is available), then you will be much more alone than usual on Ven-Top which will make it even more of a slog/grind!

Look up “zwift worldhack”. Basically, you add a line of text to your prefs.xml (Zwift preferences) file. Quick and easy, takes less time than it took me to write this post.