Accessing ride-stats?

Newbie here - so sorry if this has already been answered.

I would like to access stats/data on completed rides… history…. Is that possible?

Hi @Klabauterman, welcome to the forums. Depends on why type of data you are looking for and how much. Zwift keeps track of your activities in the companion app or on the website I think most users automatically export their rides to platforms like Strava, Garmin, or Golden Cheetah for deeper dives into the data.

Cool thx - that’s exactly what I was looking for!

I have the Elite Tuo trailer. I’m wondering how precise the measurements in the app are - I mean…. I somehow feel like, it’s measuring the distance as too long. It said I just drove 10 km on 18 mins…. My first testride :slight_smile: Normally that would take 23 mins IRL….

You might find this useful - How Does Zwift Determine My Speed?

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remember there are no stop signs, traffic, poor road conditions, weather, pedestrians, etc… in Zwift, you can’t really even coast, it does go a little faster than outdoors, but because you are doing work almost 100% of the time on Zwift as opposed to outdoors.