Accessing garage outside the game

You can access your zwift garage if you log on as watching only, when you leave the watching mode the screen with the garage comes up so you can access all your gear without being in ride mode.

Vote up this Feature Request: Moving "My Garage"

And this one: Drop Shop in Companion


Ok, but this solution is not optimal nor user friendly. You need actually to enter ride, than, when you manage your garage, finish it (and not save it).

Wouldn’t be much easier and user friendly if menu would be accessible from top of the screen, when entering the game? It would save gamers time and also it would be an easy access to all achievements.

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As others have mentioned - it really makes no sense that you have to actually start a ride, access the garage, and then delete the ride.

Hi @Marty_McKowen, welcome to the forums.

The new home screen that will be rolling out soon solves this issue… finally :blush:

Very cool

Zoon, huh? Like rowing. :wink:

I know - just giving a bit of a prod. It would be good if we can choose between old and new menu structures for now and get the all users in on the final testing across all the platforms.

Then once it is all tested the old menu system could be removed.