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Welcome to the new FutureWorks Club board. After a successful beta phase for the most recent FutureWorks Clubs feature, we will be rolling the updated experience out to all Zwifters in a phased manner over the next month.

Once the rollout is complete, we will be archiving all prior areas of the Forum that dealt with the prior Clubs experience and this space will become the area for feedback and general discussion. We’re excited to roll this feature out to you all and hope you enjoy the experience!


Hello @shooj
I see this new folder related to #futureworks:clubs
I’m still interting to get an opportunity to give feedback and proposal on this topic.
For reminder, see my previous comments related to Club topic.

Ride ON

Will there still be a “Club Jarvis” once clubs roll out?


email says its being removed.

appreciate that club jarvis is going and the futureworks is being rolled out. Will there be anything to show that we were one beta, long time supporters and club jarvis? I have the zwift beta kit but its not that an obvious flex in the game…


Shame they are ditching Club Jarvis. Would have been nice if there was a kit for members.


Yep, sad to see Club Jarvis go, but glad it was a useful testing platform. A commemorative jersey would certainly be nice.

My DM’s are open Zwift!

Shame Jarvis is going, again, but looking forward to being able to set up our club soon

Hi @shooj, yesterday the clubs option finally popped up in my menu and we set up our club and scheduled our first-ever event for next week. Any idea how we can upload our GU logo and not use one of the templates you have? So far we use one picked up from the templates. I was trying to find out how to upload ours, but it is not possible yet. Am I right?

This is currently not possible to upload your own logo. This is something that we want to provide but need to ensure that we have the right mechanisms in place for people to create clean content on our platform.


Thank you for the response. Hopefully one day will be available. Ride on :+1:

Hi. Just checking back in. Any February updates on ‘Clubs’ release status? Much appreciated.

Hey @TmacDaddy,

In case you missed it, here is the latest update.

Please feel free to ask questions or share feedback on the latest thread.