Ability to go back to whatever you were doing before the auto-join feature

Because Zwift’s events are so hard to filter / look for, I often click ‘going’ just to ‘save’ an event to look at later. I know I can see the events in ZwiftPower and other sites - but I usually do it in the app so I can see all visual details “just in case” so I have options saved.

Today I was riding London PRL Full as part of the Zwift Insider Epic Rides series. When I was about 80 miles / 130 km into the ride (107 miles / 170km) I stepped away for a snack. I came back to realize Zwift had auto-joined the late-afternoon option of the Epic Ride event series which I had RSVP’d for before I decided to do the earlier option.

I was really disappointed to lose my route progress since I was already so close to getting the route badge and the 100 mile badge. I wish there was a way to select ‘go back’ to where you were before. or disable auto joining entirely. Obviously I’ll try not to schedule overlapping rides… but sometimes I forget or don’t realize I need to remove my RSVP.

I hear ya. I just hate the auto-join feature from top to bottom. I wish it didn’t exist. It’s never helpful.

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