Ability to End a ride, then without being logged out, begin a new ride.

Hi as my title describes, i find it annoying that in order to end one ride (ie save it and sync to Strava etc), and begin another, i have to be logged out.

i think it would be great to have the ‘exit’ separate to ‘save’.

if a user exits without first saving they can be prompted.  all very standard stuff.

hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

cheers, John

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Also the ability to save a ride exactly where you want… say cross the finish line. At the moment it coasts to a stop then asks you if you want to save the ride.

Or am I missing something ?

Totally agreed, I like to get a real picture of my ride wattage and don’t want to include my cool-down time.  It takes a solid 2 minutes to finish/save ride, then log back in while sweating all over my Mac keyboard just for a 5 minute cool-down.

I agree. I wanted to finish my ride tonight and then cool down but the auto-log out on uploading to Strava frustrates. 

I agree I hate it when I end a ride and it logs me out. It should go to the main screen then I should have the choice to ride again or exit.

Example: If I make a mistake picking a ride and I end the ride it logs you out. Now I have to log back in and go through the startup again.

I was just thinking of this last night as I was ending my ride.  I wanted to end the ride as I hit a downhill but knew if stopped pedaling and got off my “horse” it would be a few minutes before I actually stopped.  So I rode on until I hit a slight incline. 

Yes! Please allow us to “logically” end a ride, and start a new ride without existing and re-starting the app. Would be extremely helpful!

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where are we on this ?