Ability to bark like a dog at other riders

It would be great if you could bark like a dog at other riders as you pass them. Think this should be based on how many w/kg you are over the rider, you need to earn the right.

Would meowing like a kitten be good enough?

You are welcome to bark like a dog at other riders all you want. The won’t hear you, and your mate might think you’ve gone over the edge, but you’re more than welcome to do this! :rofl:


There are enough reasons to turn off game sounds already


What about typing “Bark!” in the chat every time you pass someone?

probably about as likely to be added to the game as any other suggestion

You’re not a Triathlon Mockery listener by any chance?

I might just be

Old Kiora advert, “I’ll be your dog!” I feel old.

Yeah, I thought as much.

The frat boy behaviour that immature pair encourage age groupers to join in with isn’t appropriate at races. So I doubt it will make it on to Zwift.