A ‘What’s Coming’ forum section

This can be used to list the features Zwift are currently working on and a status update for each item. We all know a new UI and rowing is coming and for various reasons not arrived but this would be a good place to provide a status update to communicate to the community why they haven’t been released yet but also an opportunity to outline the exciting things under development like the racing ecosystem.

Comments can be turned off so as not to attract ongoing thoughts and opinions.

I’ve never seen Zwift update on “upcoming features” implementation, nor do I expect this policy to change anytime Zoon.

Btw, the proper place for such (in my opinion…) is “Feature Request” section. After all, we do expect (some of) these requests to become features eventually, right?

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Zwift are always announcing upcoming features. Whether they turn into actually implemented features is another question altogether!

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