A lower category please

I’m not fast enough to enter any events. Is there a chance we could get a lower power Category?

I love the group rides, but can’t keep up with the pelotons.

I ride at an average of 14/15mph. I’m 18 stone (114Kg or 250Lbs). I have ridden www.chasethesun.org (205miles in a day), so I’m a competent cyclist, just not quick enough for your group rides.

Can you do a lower category group please, for fellow fatties, like me.


I agee us older and slower riders cant ride in any group or races

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There a a bunch of group that cater for slower more social rides.
TeamZF do 3 a week.

Thanks for this Gerrie. Can you tell me how to find these group rides? I have looked and tried searching - but cant find anything? Do we join the group, or do we just hope that theres a group ride when I am training?

I Use https://zwifthacks.com/app/events/

I set a filter for the time that I usually ride and look at all the rides available. You will find the same type of rides repeating weekly. It take some time to get the right group the work for you.

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I rode the 1.5-2.5 event yesterday. I couldnt keep up - they killed me. I hit loads of PB’s, (which is good), but I am still after a lower level or ride.
The group I rode with were all supportive and great fun - but I still want an easier level to allow me to ride for longer distances and build up my stamina.

The morel of this post, is that though its a great group - its still too hard for the likes of me.

There are plenty of social rides sub 2w/kg,look for Pack or Herd rides,they are usually well paced by the leader,ride on👍

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Tomas, the ride was great - the pace was just a little too fast for me. In my defense, although heavy, I have done 200+ mile in a day, so I am not an incompetant cyclist, just one that doesnt ride that fast.

Any advice on how to find these groups?

My preference would be that there would be a F group - for newbies, fatties, (like me), and older riders. I think it would be beneficial to bringing on new Zwifters.

I dont know at what time you usually ride but in about 6h there is a pack 1.5 beginners ride,i find the companion app really easy to find rides with.

Its OK for immediate rides, (rides coming up in the next hour), but to find out when a 1.5 ride is coming up is difficult, (for me, anyway)!

Use this link: https://zwifthacks.com/app/events/ and click on the “group details” button on the right:

Groups hosting group rides at lower watts per kilogram include Herd, PACK, RO4H, and ZER. Find one of those at a pace that looks good and try them out. If you like it, find other rides with that group.

The words “Social,” “Sub 2.0,” and “1.5” in the name or description are “usually” good indicators.

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Glad you enjoyed the ride. As I said, it will take some time to find the right group.

I would like if you could ride with our group “TeamZF” so first look for us. Please

But you can also look for the “Herd” group rides and even races. They are a good group of people. “Not as nice as TeamZF…LOL”

Another place:

Steve, thats really helpful, thanks.
Makes you wonder why Zwift dont offer that functionality on the app or companion?


Again, thanks Tomas.