A Few Issues Today

I just finished an hour on the most recent version and a few issues cropped up.

  1. I’ve had a minor issue with the last two updates. When I click the Zwift desktop icon I get the message from Windows (8.1) saying that Zwift wants permission to make changes to my machine. I click “Yes” and the dialog disappears but nothing else happens. On both occasions I’ve waited several minutes to no avail. Clicking the icon a second time triggers the exact same sequence of events but this time after clicking “Yes” on the Windows dialog Zwift displays the splash screen and the “Updating” notification. Everything works fine then.

It seemed that the rider identification ballons were pretty erratic today. Frequently I’d be behind another “real” rider and have no idea who it was. Sometimes the balloon would appear and disappear over and over again, sometimes it was on steady, sometimes it never showed up at all.

I saw a “real” rider’s on-screen avatar swerving around like crazy in front of me. He was by himself so it wasn’t, or at least didn’t appear to be, an interaction with an AI or another rider or anything. He zig-zagged around for about 10 seconds and then sorted himself out and continued normally from there.

When I finished my ride I clicked the “Save” button to finish up in Zwift. I’m using a keyboard with a touchpad so I placed the mouse over the butten then double-tapped the pad. The button made the actuation sound and displayed the button press animation over and over again until I moved the mouse off the button.

Zwift never completed saving the file, it simply hung. I left it for a couple of minutes before finally killing it with the close button and getting a crash dialog from Windows.

Even with the issues it was a great ride as usual. Busy today, the most riders I’ve ever seen. I even managed to draft another rider all the way from before the orange jersey sprint to the green jersey sprint.

I experienced issue #1 as well, it seemed like over the course of my ride it settled a bit but at first it was spotty.

Hi Noel, regarding the shutdown crash, are you saying a .fit file wasn’t generated for this ride in your Documents/Zwift/Activities folder? Might be worth checking to see. I’m trying to determine how far you got in the shutdown process - our server never saw you log out from today’s ride so you didn’t make it that far.

Thanks for the other feedback as well. We’ll add these things to our list.

John, the FIT file was generated and appears to be fine. I dumped it to Golden Cheetah with no problem. The ride duration and other data all appear to be correct.

John, when I clicked save I got the “wait” icon and that’s where it hung. I suppose saying Zwift never completed saving the file was innaccurate. More accurate to say it never completed shutdown.