A Few Glitches...

(J. L.) #1

Using a Broadwell-Y hybrid (Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro), I experienced a few drops to zero as I was riding – I couldn’t pin it down to changes in pace or any obvious external factor. (I am not sure if this system shares the bluetooth antenna with the WiFi, I need to look that up – this might be causing issues on other people’s systems). Self inflicted, I also experienced problems with the touchscreen getting hit with sweat since it was in close proximity to my flailing around. I could disable the touchscreen in Device Manager, but it might be nice to have a toggle in the app for the few of us that use Windows 8.1 device attached to the bike.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Joe,

Were you able to reproduce those drops in power on future rides? We’re trying to get as much info as possible.


(J. L.) #3

Sorry, I have been laying low since I was under the weather. I was able to get back in there today. I did experience some of the power dropping to zero. I suspect it is signal related. My ANT+ dongle is less than perfect in the system I used today. I moved the system closer to the Wahoo and did not experience any additional dropouts. I don’t think I have any way to analyze the ant+ protocol in my lab aside from spectrum analysis. If it get time when I return to work, I will run in past one of my RF experts. At this point, I am blaming hardware.