A couple oddities

Just a couple things that don’t jive.

When riding on Zwift Island, there is a downhill run into the Orange Jersey Sprint and the profile to finish is pretty flat. On the Green Jersey Sprint, there seems to be a flat run in before the elevation profile kicks up for the sprint. However, the times on the Green Jersery Sprint are 5-6 seconds faster then the Orange Jersey Sprint. Doesn’t Seem Correct.

Also, when you view the elevation profile in Strava, it doesn’t seem to match the profile that is showing in Zwift. Zwift displays a more up and down route, where Strava is almost flat with a couple little bumps.

Not sure about the sprint points but regarding the elevation profile in Strava vs. Zwift, it’s because Zwift Island uses real-world coordinates for a small island in the south Pacific called Jarvis Island. Since Jarvis Island really exists, Strava currently uses the real-world terrain profile for it instead of the make-believe profile that Zwift uses. Supposedly Zwift and Strava are getting it workout out so Strava will use Zwift’s elevation data instead of the real-world data.

Heh, well I could swear that last 100m on the orange sprint is more than 100m. It sure feels like it, especially compared to the green jersey sprint.

It sure feels like that to me too, something just seems off between the two of them. Especially when you watch the elevation profile when on the green jersey sprint, it appears you are climbing.

+1 on what Greg G. said. The orange jersey sprint always feels longer to me as well.

jarvis atol is flat as a pancake :slight_smile: look it up on google earth

My impression is the orange jersey sprint starts at 300m to go, the green jersey at 200m.

You guys are a perceptive bunch. :slight_smile: The sign positions are not very accurate, as you’ve discovered, and the orange arch was originally intended as a lap timer and start/finish rather than yet another sprint point. It works the way it does now only out of convenience.