90-day trial of Strava premium code

This deal was posted yesterday by a regular deal poster (not me), no idea of its limitations as regards country, whether you have premium already etc.

I was a free user, activated it yesterday and then cancelled the auto payment renewal set for 11th August '24.

You can link Zwift to your Strava account, to potentially put all of your exercise activities in one place.

Premium opens up a lot more features beyond the free version.


I use the premium and don’t mind paying for it as it gives me the ability to see where I am on leader boards plus I use the route planner fairly extensively

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Some have said the code extends their subscription, but I think it depends on how you pay and it seems the code is more likely to activate on the Strava website rather than their app.

Must admit at a quick look yesterday, I was surprised how I faired in the 45-54 age leaderboard and the weight group around 80Kg for climbing segments, from before I developed long covid.

Just tried it and it’s saying that the code has expired.

Hi @Steve_Clowes! Thanks for bringing this discussion to the Forums, I’m Norman from Zwift.

For anyone out there that isn’t aware, you can link Zwift to Strava and all of your Rides will be uploaded to both platforms once you save! And it doesn’t end there, you can link to many other cool platforms as well.

If you’d like to get started just go to this link. And if you’re interested in learning more, just check this article.