50k challenge not appearing?

I completed the first climb everest challenge and was immediately given what I thought is the next level, climb 164042 feet. I reached 50k feet thinking I’d get the tron bike, but I did not. How can I get the bike and complete the challenge that I never got?


You had selected the Everest challenge before starting, right? There was a rider at Reddit who thought they were automatically on the path to the Tron bike. At 50k meters they found out they hadn’t selected the Everest challenge and were doomed to start over again. Hopefully that isn’t what happened to you!

And the Tron bike is awarded at 50,000 meters (164,042 feet) of climbing while you have the Everest Challenge selected.

For completing the first 8 thousand and change meters (height of Everest) you get the Trek Emonda

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Ah… meters not feet. I thought it was going to be easy :slight_smile: thanks

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If it was easy there’d be too many :slight_smile: