500 km

Hi, I’m planning to ride 500 km in on go.
Radioing money for Prostate Cancer UK.
Looking so tips or advice.
Best route? Best bike?
To try ride in group or solo TT?

Any help appreciated.

Someone I know did 500km in one go. He was young and fit and went with a slow robot pacer group on Tempus Fugit.

Go at a pace that seems too easy, by the end it won’t be with saddle discomfort, etc. he did have some stops, with Tempus you just stop and do what needs doing then u-turn to join the group again.

That was before the days of “coffee break” was ever thought of.

Bike - probably Tron or Venge with disc wheels.

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Another approach would be to join one of the 100 mile / 160km group rides and then keep going after the event ends. If you pick the right route there should be a pace partner you could find afterwards. This wouldn’t necessarily be faster than just joining the pace partner from the beginning, but might be less boring.

could also teleport to the pace partners after an event or if you want/need a faster/slower pace during the ride


if your goal is to raise some money i would recommend going for a ride with a robo pacer, that’s where the most people are. it helps a lot if you prepare some basic messages upfront and have them on your phone as keyboard shortcuts. you can also use a URL shortener to create an easy to remember link to your fundraising page. but don’t overshare, some people are really sensitive to repetitive messages… one announcement per hour is reasonable.

as for the route and the bike i would go for something easy, especially if this is your first long ride. first 100-200k might feel easy, but the perceived difficulty will increase rapidly after that.

also, it’s good to have nearby one or two additional pair of bib shorts and socks… riding for 12 hours is difficult enough and it’s priceless to switch to dry clothes. don’t forget chamois cream, too ; )

lastly - try to have fun and don’t ever give up :blush: break the distance up into manageable blocks, that will help tracking your progress and keep you motivated. if it feels too difficult at any point just eat something and wait for 20-30 minutes. it will get better.

best of luck!