4wk FTP Boost training question

Hi everyone this is my first post, I’ve been on zwift for about 3 weeks now and would like some input.

For my first FTP test, I selected the shorter 45min test. It was my first day on a trainer (wahoo kickr v5) and I didn’t know what to expect so opted for a shorter duration.

The Day after the ftp test I started the 4 week ftp booster training With 10 days left I noticed on the last day, the longer ftp test is what’s on tap.

My questions are:

Does this matter or is it ok to compare the short test to the normal test?
Can I skip that last day within the 4 week training and do the shorter test?
Do I lose out on some type of acknowledgement for completing the 4wk training if I don’t technically complete that last day within the course?

All in all, if comparing the short and long test is ok, I don’t mind doing the longer test moving forward. Just wanted to get some feedback.

Thank you

I don’t know about achievements from completing the program but I feel the more experience you have performing FTP tests, the better the result.
You have to “do it wrong” a few times to get an idea of how to best apply yourself without over exerting.

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Hi Jerry, and welcome to the forums! According to my experience, you will receive credit for completing the training even with one missed workout. I have done the 6 week FTP Builder twice, had to miss a workout each time and still got credit for completing. It seems to me that I’ve read somewhere that there is a certain percentage you have to complete, but I was fine missing one. Are you doing Build Me Up?

Tim that was one of my first thoughts when taking the test. How the heck do I know how to pace myself haha.

As far as I know it’s the 4 week ftp booster towards the top of the training options.

What are your thoughts comparing the shorter ftp to the normal one? I’m assuming since it’ll only be my second test, most of the gains will be from better understanding the trainer and the test.

Longer FTP test will just be more warm-up and cool down. In some sens, it is truer than the short one because you are more prepared for it. No need to worry over comparaisons or such. If you don’t feel like doing the long one, don’t do it. If you are willing to challenge yourself with the longer one, go ahead!

gains will be from better understanding the trainer and the test.

yes and no. Yes you’ll know what is coming, but you will also have made some gains from the training program!

Thanks for your response. I’ll just go with whichever ftp the course includes. I don’t mind doing the longer one.

Hi there, I’ve just completed my first FTP test tonight after finishing the 6wk FTP boost program. I opted for the longer test, but tbh I think the shorter would have sufficed. The warm up is 20mins long!!
I found it a little tricky to judge the pace, but don’t think I was too far off, definitely flagging towards the end of the test :grinning:
If you think you need a long warm up then the hour FTP test is the way to go, if not I’d try the shorter.
Enjoy :+1:t2:

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I’d love to hear about your gains after you complete the 6 weeks, care to share your experience ?

Hi Jerry, unfortunately I didn’t do an FTP test before I started the program but my estimated FTP on strava was 135w.
Post program I recorded 171w on last nights FTP test.
Tbh the program didn’t feel too taxing until week 6 where you are improving threshold performance.
Overall though I think it’s definitely improved my fitness and I’d happily recommend it :+1:t2:

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Does this matter or is it ok to compare the short test to the normal test?

FTP frequent treshold power and no matter the test length all Zwift is counting is either CP5 and/or CP20.
So no matter what you do in those test or week training sessions in the end all you have to do is to dig deep - 5 or 20 min - to see progress.

Those week builders are great but in the end they just prepare you like any other training for a certain amount of time suffering.

You can raise your FTP aerobically and anaerobically.
Top and bottom.
If you traing you get better.
If you train around treshold you get better.
If you train around Z5, Z6 you adapt quite fast on the anaerobic site. The better you learn to “survive” in an anaerobic zone the higher the chance you raise your ftp (from the top) if your time is rare for long (hours) of Z1 and Z2.

https: //support. zwift. com/en_us/ftp-test-HypJnI_NH

Could you recommend which training sessions in zwift would best help me improve my ftp most efficiently? I have an hour a day available

its easy search for zone 5 intervals which have a minimum of 3 minutes length (1-3 sessions inculding zone 5 Intervals a week).
other days everything which combines zone 1 to 3.
if you feel ready make a FTP test which offers a 20 min allout.

Great thank you for the advice. I have 8 days left on the 4wk ftp booster which includes the ftp test on the last day.

Once completed, I’ll choose something geared towards your recommendation. Much appreciated!