4iiii bridge doesnt work anymore with ATV

Hello, I updated today my ATV to version 16.
I havent used Zwift for a while. But when I try to pair my sensors, I got the message that ATV only supports 2 sensors.
First I pair my Kickr Snap, after that my heart rate 4iiii. Normally I am able to pair my cadence sensor after that, because it works bridged with my 4iiii. But now that doesnt work anymore.

I have posted the same problem and another couple of people have replied with the same issue


My 4iii bridge worked fine last night on ATV so its probably not specific to that

i found that i have to pair everything else first and then the heart rate monitor last otherwise i got that message

I started another thread about this issue, affecting a lot of people

No need to start a new thread. See Problems after tvOS 16 update (also iOS 16) [September 2022]