40 km time trial - new to Zwfit

Hi - hopefully this is an easy ask…I am training for an Olympic Tri…are there any 40km routes or races?  How do I find them and sign up to them…? Thanks so much…

Welcome to zwift, take a look at this https://whatsonzwift.com/#courses for info on all the routes.


Distance on Zwift is pretty useless. You should work on watts and time for your training. There an Olympic Tri training plan in the workouts.

Always select a 'flat course.

This would be Richmond flat, London classique, or Watopia volcano flat.

Of the 3, Richmond is probably the flattest.

Volcano circuit isn’t quite flat, but it has a lap counter and your lap times can be helpful to check your pace.

Perhaps at some point, the ftp workout’s  ‘average watts display’ will be on workouts longer than 20 minutes. It’s a helpful tool.