4 Extra Races only AFTER Graduation? REALLY?

Dear Zwift and Zwift community.

Is it really the case that you get the Bike Paint Job for 4 extra Races/Group rides only performed AFTER Graduation?

I favoured races in the first weeks, just because I missed the first group workouts. I accumulated 6 before my first workout and 8 before all workouts being done. Progress showed 6/8 workouts and 8/4 races.

Now I finalised the last workout and graduated yesterday.
Just to see that ONLY THEN you can “Sign up” for the 4 extra races…

REALLY? Why did no-one communicate this before?
So Now on top of the 8 races I do another 4? Why do the other 4 “extra” races not count?

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I would like to know the answer to this question as well! I haven’t graduated yet, but I thought that the extra races/group rides that I am doing beyond the required 4 would count towards the extra credit I keep hearing about from others. Reading this now, I realize I may have been wrong and would not have spaced out the workouts like I did if I had known! It’s not that big of a deal, but just a little disappointed to find this out with less than two weeks left. Thanks Maximilian for bringing this up!

The answer is: Yes it is really like that.

I see it happen to me now, and facebook people verified as well.

It is as follows:
FIRST you graduate. You need all 8 IFFERENT workouts (I did 10) and just 4 races-rides.
AFTER graduation, you can SIGN UP for going for the extra 4 races-rides. Without the extra sign up, you do not take part.

But to make that clear: You „only“ get a special PAINT for a bike. The bike you have to „buy“ first…

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Yes, and the extra races you do prior to graduating do not count toward your extra credit. However, you don’t have to ‘race’ them. You can ride them at a casual pace if you really want to buy the bike frame and land the paint job. For me, I like the challenge. I liked last year’s paint job but I still bought this year’s to add to my collection. I only wish they could have fixed the time trial bug.

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Okay. Good to know! We’ll see what I can fit in :slight_smile:

Quick one:

The 4 extra events - do they need to be races or group rides to complete the task?

Thanks in advance

Any of the two work. Could be a random composition between races or group rides. Workouts do not work

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Finished the extra credit but do not see the paint job or new item in my garage. Wondering if there is a problem getting it if you dont have the BMC bike

Same here. Don’t buy the BMC it will not fix it!

OK i did the extra races/group rides, and the companion app showed completion however i didn’t receive any other notification regarding what you get for completing the task. Seems like its a paint job for a bike, but i don’t know which one. My cervelo S5 shows an extra paint job, its that the one?

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