3840x2160 Support (Ultra HD)

(Anton Dablander) #1

Name says it all. Please let me play in native resolution. :) 

(Jon Mayfield) #2

I think we can probably add this for you, altho I may hide it as an option unless you’ve got a beefy card.   A GTX960 will probably be the absolute minimum spec to reveal it as an option in the menu.

We recently got a 4k resolution TV at Zwift HQ and it’s pretty cool to see Zwift running on it (on a GTX980).

(Anton Dablander) #3

Thankfully i own a GTX 960 :slight_smile: . Wow, thanks a lot for the fast answer. The 10 bucks a month are worth it for sure! Great job! Greetings from Austria :slight_smile:

(Joe G) #4

Can you finally drive a 4k TV at more than 30Hz on a PC?  Does it require SLI to run 4k?

(Anton Dablander) #5

>I run 4K at 60hz over HDMI 2.0. No problems at all. No SLI, just GTX960.

(... david (aka "setuid")) #6

I’ve got a 980ti (max resolution of 5120x3200) + 2 x 750ti cards (max resolution of 4096x2160) in the same box.

They’re not using SLI (yet), but neither is Zwift. I would love to be able to push this higher resolution to my screens and through my projector.

Bring it! :slight_smile:


(Joe G) #7

Anton you must be running 30Hz as HDMI 2.0a is required to run 4k at 60Hz.  Not all UHD TV’s will do HDMI 2.0a and the same goes for video cards.


(Alexander Troiss) #8

Trust me, Ultra HD and 2160p works with the GTX 960 over HDMI 2.0. You probably mean HDMI 1.4a.


Edit: of course @ 60Hz

(Alexander Troiss) #9

The proof. :wink:

(... david (aka "setuid")) #10

(Andrew Jarrod) #11

I guess David has no need for central heating when that PC’s running.

(... david (aka "setuid")) #12

HAhahAhahAhahAA… close! Actually, that rig gets quite heavily used, even when not running 6+ simultaneous sessions of Zwift.

When it’s not in “fitness” mode, those GPUs are being used to fold proteins (Stanford’s Folding@Home) or cracking encryption algorithms (Distributed.net’s RC5-xx challenges since December of 2002 for me). Those GPUs push about 2.8-3.3 billion keys/second on RC5-72.

I tend to run my gear hard. That’s what it’s designed to do!

(Matthew Avery) #13

This would be very nice, I have a 980ti w/ a UHD TV and would love to Zwift in native res!

(Nigel Leaney) #14

I have a Dell XPS 13 so native 3200 x 1800 would be good too.

(Kev Willers RCC) #15

My GTX 770 is coping with 4k very nicely 

(Mitch De Jode BZR) #16

Bumping and old post because I have a 770 GTX and a 680 GTX in two rigs here. Both cards are capable of doing the same performance wise. That 680 GTX beats a 960 GTX performance wise. It should be able to run UHD just fine. Can we get that option? It’s using the high graphics profile and i would love to see it use the Ultra graphics profile like the 770 gtx performance wise those cards are almost the exact same.