Is a 4K TV worth it?

(Cleve Waterman 69y/o) #1

I plan on purchasing a new TV soon.  I will be changing from a 42" screen to a 55". My computer is i5/GTX970/8GB. 

Is there an improvement in Zwift image quality when going from 1080p to 4K? 


(. TomH..) #2

Hi Cleve, 

If you have GTX 960 graphic card or later, Zwift will be capable of  running native 4k resolution and therefore the simple answer to your question is YES, with 4K TV you will get sharper and more detailed picture. 


We also use downsampling (concept of rendering) which allow us displaying Zwift in ‘‘higher resolution’’ than your monitor is capable of displaying. That’s why even if you use full HD monitor/TV with a decent graphic card, you can choose 4K resolution in settings, however this will never be as clear/sharp as native 4K. 

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(Nevets Repooc '57) #3

Another consideration is to get a 4K with support for 3D. Zwift in 3D with glasses is pretty awesome on our 4K monitor.

(Kev Willers RCC) #4

I run 4K on a 55 inch screen

Its too real 

I have to look down when descending the pretzel otherwise I try leaning into corners which on rollers is not a good idea :-) 

(Cleve Waterman 69y/o) #5

Hi Ken

Would you mind telling me the make and model of the 4K TV you are using. The serial number would be terrific.

I spent time yesterday at Best Buy.  Not sure which TV would be best for Zwift in 4K.

(Kev Willers RCC) #6


Not the best 4K TV for film etc but as a monitor only for 4K gaming/zwift its a bargain at circa £500

I picked mine up for £450

I use a GTX770 graphics card and the detail is stunning, and I’m able to get zwift at 40-50 FPS in 4K

Plan to take that card to a GTX980ti soon to ensure I max out the FPS at 60